My nail art

For months and months, I've been completely obsessed with my nails and how easily they can be made them look really good and professional! With as little as a £3.99 set of nail brushes, a selection of colours of nail varnish and a steady hand, you can pretty much do whatever you want. I've been inspired by the amazing Wah Nails, as well as colours and patterns and other nail art I see all around me; below are some examples of my nails over the past months.

Currently: Barry M mint green and MUA bubblegum pink candy stripes

Orly 'foil fx' silver and MUA black zebra print

Barry M lilac and Rimmel orange aztec pattern

Rimmel yellow and H&M jade aztec print

Next mushroom with ELF matte top coat, and H&M jade drips

Gradient sky blue (Topshop and Barry M colours) with glitter and bird pattern

ELF deep red with diamond pattern

Next mushroom with MUA black dots and 'LOVE HATE' traditional tattoo inspired design on each thumb - the other thumb said LOVE!

Number 17 coral pink and nail sticker

H&M jade with daisy pattern - I think this would look better on short nails

Pink and purple gradient with glitter

Matte black with black tips

Topshop baby blue with pink flowers

Barry M lilac with Rimmel hot pink drips

Rimmel coral with black drips

MUA deep blue with Models Own glitter gradient

I've also done my friends' nails (below) in a variety of colours and patterns, you don't have to have long nails for them to look awesome!