Celebrity nail art

The nail art hype is still in full effect (why wouldn't it be!), and Cosmopolitan has featured some of its favourite celeb nails. Check some of them out below, I love Alexandra Burke's acid green, Serena's dazzling crystals, Ke$ha's studs and Lil Mama's talons. Which is your favourite?

Ke$ha sporting a very heavy duty studded manicure

Alexa Chung's adorable lilac flower print nails

Alexandra Burke rocking a stunning acid green

Ciara went for a very delicate, hand painted manicure here

Jennifer Love-Hewitt keeping her nails classy and fun with nude and black

Revlon's Jenny Longworth did Jessie J's nails in trippy animal prints to match her outfit for V Festival this year

Lady Gaga's nails never disappoint, Marian Newman created these long black claws with red and gold diamonds to match her outfit here

Lil Mama went for these amazing asymmetric nails at the MTV Movie Awards

Lindsay Lohan sporting a cute neon manicure for a court appearance, with a rather controversial 'fuck u' on her middle digit!

Glee's Naya Rivera proves that you don't have to have long talons to have great looking nails with this quirky check print

Nicki Minaj rocking a set of nails as outrageous as her accessories here

Rihanna's manicure is a perfect splash of colour, with adorable smiley and sad faces on each nail

Serena Williams' crystal encrusted nails are the perfect amount of bling for any occasion