Latest Lookbook: Birthday suit

Today was (finally) my 18th birthday! I've been for a lovely meal with my boyfriend and family, received some beautiful presents, and all in all had a really nice day. I wore this simple Topshop playsuit, which I bought from Steals, a discount shop in Blackburn, for about £8 years ago. I should wear it more cause I really like it! I paired it with my Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes to make it a little more colourful.

Here are some of my gorgeous birthday gifts:

A Vivienne Westwood bracelet to match my necklace from my boyfriend (as well as a shopping trip to London next month!), a mini Casio watch from my brother, a gorgeous opal and diamond ring that was my grandma's from my grandparents, and a matching necklace from my parents! Definitely feeling very lucky and grateful today.