DIY Disco Short

Everyone loves American Apparel, and the classic Disco Short is definitely an AA favourite, but the £45 price tag isn't! For a fraction of a price, you can make your own 'close enough' pair. You will need:
There is really nothing to it - sew on the button, and roll up the legs of your shorts to the required level! You can add a stitch or two to secure them, if you want to. Obviously they don't look quite as good  as the original, but if you're desperate to own them at a fraction of the price then this is perfect. You can pick up plain cycling shorts from everywhere, probably even as P.E shorts in the school uniform section of your local supermarket! Everyone has old buttons lying around the house, and if you don't they can be bought at any market or craft store for pennies. Check out my version below (excuse the bad quality photos):

I'd love to know if anyone tries this out, you could even add studs and fake pockets! Email me your photos to!

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