LONG Clothing x BOY London Exhibition Photos

Created by Stephane Raynor, BOY London has been around creating iconic looks since the 1970s. After a not so brief hiatus in the 90s, BOY returned to the streets of East London a few years ago by means of a store named SICK. Since then, BOY has collaborated with Urban Outfitters, and whether you love or hate that, it has certainly given the brand a lot more exposure to the masses. LONG Clothing, although a more recent venture founded in 2008 by young designers Gareth Emmett and Rhys Dawney, has a very similar aesthetic to BOY, making this collaborative exhibition perfect.

London photographer Teddy Fitzhugh photographed the LONG Clothing x BOY London exhibition in Tokyo recently, and here are the results. The idea was to create a collection which expresses and embodies the identity of both brands. Leather, tattoos and studs galore does not leave me disappointed, and I also like the unorthodox shots where no branded clothing can be seen.

Regarding the exhibition, LONG stated: "The collection focuses around a group of friends whose lives embody a distinct attitude and spirit found in both brands. The photos intend to provide a reflection, not only of their relationships with each other, but also of the distinct connection between the clothing and their lifestyles."

Check out a selection of photos from the exhibition below (via LONG Clothing), and click here for the full shoot.

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