Top Fashion Moment of 2011 - Yougo Young Blogger of the Year

Like any fashion enthusiast, I find it impossible to choose my favourite anything; I could never pick just one favourite piece in my wardrobe, nor a favourite pair of shoes, so when it comes to a single top fashion moment for an entire year I have no chance! I could choose anything from the memorising Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk, complete with carousel, to a favourite designer collaborating with a high street store to produce a much more affordable collection (take the upcoming H&M x Versace collaboration for example, or the Pamela Love x Topshop collection earlier this year), or even the sight of a disgruntled looking Anna Wintour sitting next to a neon clad Nicki Minaj front row at Caroline Herrera. It could be when a stranger came up to me in the street to take a photo of me because they loved my outfit, and the success of a fashion week in war torn Pakistan is definitely an epic achievement too. Fashion is a worldwide community, yet that doesn’t make it any less personal to each individual. My top fashion moments of 2011 reflect both these aspects of the fashion world and, I think, emphasize just how amazing fashion really is.