Your Eyes Lie!

I was lucky enough to be sent this Galaxy Heart Tee by, along with some other goodies (keep your eye out for photos and reviews). I love the print and the unique slouchy shape of the t-shirt and would definitely recommend it! Here I paired it with some cross print denim shorts by MissGuided and my trusty Topshop leather biker and studded slipper flats.

I'm also wearing some amazing nude 'Simply Bare' moisturising tights by Charnon which I love! Although at 15 denier they're strong and relatively warm, they're practically invisible, it's almost impossible to tell that they're there at all. Additionally, Aloe Vera extracts provide moisturising properties for dry legs making them far superior in my opinion to any nude tights I've owned before. You can get yours at Tights Please.

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