Top - Topshop | Skirt - Primark | Belt - ASOS | Boots - Primark

The other day I found this amazing skirt in Primark which was on sale (!) for £5! I couldn't resist getting it, it makes an amazing focal point of any casual or dressy outfit. Today I'm visiting family, I'm wearing the skirt with a simple black sleeveless jersey button-up from Topshop and new ankle boots from Primark (which look almost exactly like the Topshop Mighty boots but less than half the price at £18).

Half my outfit today is from Primark, would you guess it if you didn't know? I love and hate Primark, the trick to shopping in there is definitely to choose pieces that you could see in a shop like Topshop or River Island - if it looks like it's from Primark then stay away!

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