DIY - House of Holland Beanie

Even before considering the fact that he is a Lancastrian like me (woo!), Henry Holland is consistently one of my favourite designers. His summer collections in particular always stand out to me and are often copied on the high street, and so once we have the worst of the winter months out of the way I believe we'll be seeing pieces influenced by his quirky pastel, neon and metallic SS13 collection all over the place. As you might have realised from my post on winter warmers, I love a good beanie and was super excited by the blingtastic (yes, I did just use that word) 'jewel' encrusted hats on the House of Holland catwalk at LFW earlier this year. I did have one problem with them - I want to wear one now, not in summer! I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own version for a fraction of the price to keep my little head warm this winter, and here's how I did it.

You will need:

Step 1: take your beanie and gems and play around with patterns and arrangements. I found it helpful to place the gems roughly where I wanted them to be on my beanie and then to take a photo, so that when I came to sew them on I had a rough guideline to stick to.

Step 2: get sewing! Try to use thread which is a similar colour to the beanie and/or the gems, and do make sure that you buy gems which have holes at either end for sewing, rather than gems which are only made for gluing.

Step 3: Voila! There is really nothing else to it! I chose to sew my gems in three different sections on both the turn up and the main part of my beanie, however each beanie on the HoH catwalk was unique so get creative! Here is my finished product (below), for a total cost of £8.40 I don't think it's half bad! Will you be trying this DIY?

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