Coat - Primark | Velvet Shirt - eBay | Skirt - Primark | Boots - Primark | Bag - Primark | Hat - Primark

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for Primark and its prices (why have one thing when you can have three?!), and today I wore an outfit almost entirely made up of Primark pieces! Other than my velvet button up which I got for around £10 on eBay, I practically a walking advertisement for Primark, and everything I'm wearing is current season too so if there is a Primark in your town you'll hopefully be able to snap up the pieces you like. 
I bought this gorgeous Burberry inspired coat for just £30 last month (scroll to the bottom for a clearer picture via Look - excuse the not so great quality of my photos today!), and I love the exaggerated silhouette it gives. The cute bow belt and fur collar are both nice touches too, and overall I think it has a very classy look.
The yellow boucle skirt I picked up yesterday for £14 gives a similar silhouette to the skirt of the coat, making them great to pair together in my opinion. I think that the skirt could easily pass off for something sold at over twice that price in Topshop! Boucle is of course a big trend this winter, and this skirt is perfect.
I finished off my outfit with ankle boots, an oversized bag and navy bobble hat, all of which I bought at Primark over the past couple of months and which might be still available in your nearest store.
What do you think? Would you have guessed that almost my entire outfit is Primark?

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