Jacket - MissGuided* | Shirt - American Apparel | Pants - SheLikes*

This tweed jacket with contrasting leather sleeves and lapels from MissGuided is a perfect, fashionable take on classic English outerwear and is perfect for winter over a few knitted layers. Today I wore it with a much less traditional pair of gold disco pants by SheLikes, but I love the contrast! This is the first pair of non-American Apparel disco pants I have owned, and I'm very impressed. They are not as thick as AA Disco Pants and so may not be as flattering for any lumps and bumps, however they look great and are a good fit other than being a little loose around my ankles. However, these minor cons are certainly outweighed by one huge pro - the price! For £22 (£52 cheaper than American Apparel!) they are definitely worth it. The jacket and trousers are both true to size - I am wearing size 8 in both (I would say that the disco pants are roughly the same size as 'XS' from American Apparel). I also wore a cream chiffon shirt from American Apparel which I got on eBay, a rose gold necklace from H&M and black Primark ankle boots. 

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