Week In Photos

A (belated) collection of photos from my Monday to Sunday last week. Follow me on Instagram @xhlf to see what I get up to every week!

Got some new boots on sale in Primark, bought 'chocolate chip' cookies from Aldi and was severely disappointed, invested in Primark's Super Cosy tights (best ever), #ootd (American Apparel chiffon shirt, Topshop gold beaded jumper, Primark yellow boucle skirt), bought 3 Chocolate Oranges for the price of 1 at Tesco, wore my comfiest Topshop boots, picked up my amazing bargain Litas which I bought for around £70 including customs and shipping in the NastyGal Black Friday sale from the Post Office, ASOS delivery of this gorgeous Oh My Love dress, obsessed over Aldi breaded Camembert, painted my nails, found some old Creme Eggs from Easter (filling was no longer creamy, boo), wore my American Apparel polo neck dress, took a picture of myself, parents brought over some post I had waiting at home (new Jordans and a Romwe jumper), painted my mum's nails, got some new GHDs as a surprise from my parents after my old ones exploded, posted on my blog, #ootd (American Apparel dress, Topshop jumper), saw Down To Nothing in Sheffield, wore my new Jordans.

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