Week in photos

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Back to uni on a very grey Manchester day | tried to brighten up said grey day with some neon | got the cutest new shoes (BooHoo.com) | painted my nails | took a selfie to show how much Colour B4 has worn off and I'm ginger again(!) | #ootd BooHoo trousers, Topshop embellished t-shirt, eBay coat | watched Blue Valentine | #ootd American Apparel navy polo neck and Cheap Monday jeans | navy creepers and cute studded socks (Primark) | watched Despicable Me | got a papercut on my lip :'( | went to the cutest Alice In Wonderland themed cafe | ate very overpriced pancakes there | turned over my calender - February pugs are so cute! | wore some ASOS band rings  watched Death Proof | got a nose bleed :-( | wore my eBay bargain Ralph jumper | saw a cute t-shirt in Urban Outfitters | painted my nails again.

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