ghd - Candy Collection

ghd IV mint professional styler* | Lily Angel caviar manicure set in 'Rainbow'* | Mac Pressed Pigment in 'Blue Willow'*

I recently received the most amazing gift package! ghd was already my favourite brand for straighteners, my first hair styler (which I shared with my mum) was ghd and I've been unable to find any brand whose flat iron quite matches up. Fortunately ghds come with a 2 year guarantee and need replacing less often than that, so despite being expensive in comparison to other brands, price per use they probably work out much better value. It isn't just me who loves ghd: the company was voted as a Coolbrand for 2012 by the Superbrands' CoolBrands Initiative and won best life-changing product in the Fabulous 2012 Beauty Awards, as well as many more. ghd's latest collection, the 'Candy Collection', is inspired by retro sweetshop favourites, and consists of the acclaimed IV professional styler in three super sweet colours: yellow, mint and violet. ghd was kind enough to gift me the mint styler! (pictures from my gift package above and below)

In the last picture you can see the Candy Collection ghd IV professional styler compared with the standard version - they are almost identical but the mint styler is undeniably prettier! The price difference is £11 - the standard IV styler retails at £99 whereas the Candy Collection stylers are £110, although if you're buying as a gift or simply like your things to look pretty then in my opinion the £11 difference isn't overwhelming - plus the Candy Collection is limited edition! 

I also received a couple of beauty goodies, with which I created a spring look inkeeping with my new mint ghd styler: the eye shadow is 'Blue Willow' pressed pigment, which is a pale blue/green shade and is not very bold on the eyelid, however it is very sparkly and (because it's not overly bold) easy to wear; the 'Rainbow' caviar nail set is by Lily Angel (available here on eBay) and is very similar to the extremely popular but more expensive Ciaté caviar manicure sets. My nails definitely lasted 24 hours before the beads started to noticeably fall off (the middle photograph below was taken the day after I did my nails, the bottom photo was taken shortly after doing my nails) and it was only after 3 days when I felt that it needed to be taken off or re-done, so the Lily Angel set is more than adequate for a special event or night out! Take a look at my (albeit amateur) eyes and nails below:

Finally - my hair! My hair is naturally quite wavy and so if I leave it to dry naturally it always needs straightening in layers if that is the look I want - I find that using ghds makes my straight hair last easily from one wash to the next (I wash my hair around twice per week), with the exception of only the very front section of my hair. Below are some photos of me with ghd straight hair, but every photo you have ever seen of me with straight hair is thanks to one pair of ghds or another! I cannot recommend this brand enough, and the Candy Collection is all the quality of regular ghd but in a cuter package. Check out the ghd website for their full range of hair straighteners and for some hairstyle inspiration too.

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