Introducing: Slappie

Slappie is an innovative brand of silicone 'slap' watches, started in October 2011 and run by 16 year old Max Stern from Oxford. The watch is based on the slap bracelet of the 80s/90s and is produced in 10 of Slappie's own colours and two sizes, adults and Jr. Each watch face is interchangeable, so with 10 colours there are 100 possible colour combinations, with many patterned watch bands coming soon.

Slappie was kind enough to send me one of their watches and I think it's really great, and at £14.99 is a nice, cheaper alternative to the famous Swatch watch, although they are better suited to those who prefer a chunkier watch. It's such a simple design that it will work with almost any casual outfit, and of course the 'slap strap' provides hours of entertainment. Slappie watches also come in very cool spherical packaging, pictured above!

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