California Diary #1

I'm back! California was amazing, I only got to see a tiny part of it comparatively speaking, but it was a really unforgettable experience nonetheless. I plan on showing you some parts of my holiday over the course of a few posts, but if you want a look at snapshots of the whole thing, check out my Instagram - hannahlouisef.

One of my days was spent around LA, sightseeing in Hollywood and shopping on the super cool Melrose Avenue.

Location: overlooking Lake Hollywood / the Hollywood sign
Outfit: Jacket - Motel* | Dress - Topshop | Shoes - River Island | Bag - H&M

I got loads of wear out of this Motel Kimono on my holiday, and I'll definitely get some more at home as I'm still loving the print. This Topshop dress (which is actually a night dress) was perfect for the hot weather due to the light fabric and loose fit, and my River Island shoes are a great half-way-house between sandals and boots - they're super comfortable but also nice and cool.

Of course we had to check out the Walk Of Fame too, a couple of my favourite shots below!

Melrose Avenue is a very eclectic mixture of shops and eateries, it has everything from designer to taxidermy to Subway, but my favourites were definitely the huge and quite reasonably priced vintage stores. I was pleasantly surprised at most of the pricing, as the big vintage stores in Manchester have (in my opinion) started hugely overpricing some things and it is often much more worth your while searching online or in charity shops for bargains.

Unfortunately I was too preoccupied with rifling through the 100s and 100s of rails to remember to take more photos of these shops, but I did purchase (among other things) this amazing 100% silk beaded top (which can just about be worn as a dress with some shorts underneath) for $20 from American Vintage - 

I am currently super jet-lagged and so my apologies if any of the above is slightly illiterate, more diary posts to follow!

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