Dress - AX Paris* | Jacket - SheInside* | Hat - Missguided* | Boots - Missguided*

With the return of 'grim up north' type weather comes the return of predominantly black outfits for me - not that that is a bad thing of course! Here I'm wearing a super versatile wardrobe essential, a daytime appropriate LBD. Mine is the short and sweet Plain Swing Dress from AX Paris, which is a reasonable £18 and also comes in a number of different colours and prints, and is very wearable, comfortable and flattering. I already have a million more ideas for outfits involving this dress, but here I paired it with my loose fitting embroidered bomber jacket from SheInside, which I love! It's a great alternative to a plain black bomber, and is a bargain £21. My boots are the usual favourites from Missguided, and my hat is also from Missguided. I do find all black much easier to wear with red hair than I did when my hair was dark (many moons ago!), but I added a red lip (Limecrime 'Red Velvet') to inject a little more colour into my outfit. 

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