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I'm spending my Monday catching up on some of the fabulous (and not so fabulous) SS14 collections from some of the UK's finest, shown over the weekend at London Fashion Week. I've been underwhelmed by some (what is Topshop Unique doing?!) but blown away by others, and thankfully Mulberry falls into the latter category.

Mulberry embodies how I think I will dress when I am in my 30s - I'm not quite classy enough (or rich enough) to pull it off yet, but that doesn't stop me dreaming. It is much easier for me to describe what I didn't like about Mulberry SS14, namely the strapless bodices (above) which I'm just not quite feeling, because everything else was magical! I especially loved the textured prints, printed matching sets or 'co-ords', the bags (duh), and of course Turbo the adorable bulldog!

Textured prints

Bayswater with stripes / printed heel shoes

Kensal bag


The colourscheme didn't blow me away (probably because I'm too busy loving every shade of pink at the moment), but it definitely wasn't a disappointment either. I especially loved the use of grey and baby blue (I need the baby blue subtly floral shirt and dress in my life!), and also the all white outfits which have been so popular over the summer just gone.

Stripes played quite a big part in this collection, being featured on bags, worn head to toe, and even inspiring the strappy shoes. All stripes were chunky and horizontal but also very subtle which I love; Mulberry chose to juxtapose different textures and slightly different shades of a similar colour rather than opting for a bolder clash of colours which featured in their SS12 collection.

I can only hope that Mulberry continues to be this amazing after the departure of long serving Creative Director Emma Hill (this was her final collection!), but for now you can lust over the rest of the collection and watch the show on Mulberry's website.

All photos taken from mulberry.com

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