Tartan Trousers

Jacket - H&M | Top - Choies* | Trousers - Primark | Boots - New Look | Bag - Missguided*

What good is a winter wardrobe which doesn't feature a bit (or a lot) of tartan? I found these trousers in Primark a few weeks ago (in their formal section along with a matching blazer which I didn't quite have the guts to buy to complete the tartan suit, although I am somewhat regretting that decision now!). I love the dark colours and lack of red, I think that avoiding red tartan trousers altogether is the easiest way of sidestepping looking like you've bought a "Punk" costume for Halloween (that's not to say that some people can't rock them though). These are very subtle and easy to wear, and the shape is really great too!
Here I paired them with a mesh paneled top from Choies, amazing new imitation suede and sheepskin biker jacket from H&M. The jacket was a bargain £30 because I used a 25% discount code from an H&M email (I would definitely recommend signing up to their mailing list!), but even at full price (£39.99) it is definitely affordable and makes a nice change from the usual leather biker.

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