The Body Shop Makeup Review | Concealer, Shimmer Waves, Eye Shadow

Concealer All In One* / Shimmer Waves in Blush* / Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Berry Cute* - all The Body Shop

I hope you all liked my big make-up post about all my everyday make-up! Since then I have very kindly been sent some new products to try out, courtesy of The Body Shop. I've never bought make-up from The Body Shop before, for some reason I always have a (false!) preconception that make-up by skincare brands won't be heavy coverage or highly pigmented or any of the other things I generally look for in make-up, and is reserved for those who prefer their make-up barely there and natural looking. I put together this summer make-up look to give you a taste of The Body Shop make-up if, like me, you've never tried it before. I'm definitely a convert now!
Concealer All In One - Shade 00

Like most people I have dark circles in the morning and so I like to dab on a little concealer. My favourite all rounder is Mac Studio Finish Concealer, but after using this I think I will be reserving Studio Finish for blemishes. Concealer All In One is more lightweight but still gives great coverage, the colour is perfect for my skin (a similar shade but with a slight orangey undertone to counter the purple hues of dark circles), plus it is very moisturising which is essential for healthy under-eyes. I probably would not recommend this if you have very oily skin, but for normal/dry it's a dream. Check out the difference it makes to my dark circles in the photos below, I'm wearing no make-up in the first photo and only Concealer All In One in the second. 

Shimmer Waves - Shade 02 Blush

As you'll know if you have read my everyday make-up post, all the bronzers and blushers I use are matte, and I add shimmer to the very top of my cheekbones with a highlighter. Shimmer Waves is, obviously, shimmery so makes for a nice change, and will be lovely with a lighter base in the summer. There are five colours in the pan, which when used together give a subtle shade of rosy pink (I think the colour is quite similar to rose gold jewellery). I'm wearing it without any other bronzer, blusher or highlighter in the full face photos above and below.

Colour Crush Eyeshadow - Shade Berry Cute

Pink eyeshadow is something I haven't experimented with since my (disastrous) early teens, so I was a little nervous about this shade. However, as you can hopefully see from my photos, it is a lovely subtle shade which I think sets off the green in my eyes. Berry Cute is one of the pearlescent Colour Crush Eyeshadow shades - the pigment is great used with a dry brush, and extra strong when used with a wet brush. I applied it with a dry brush all around my eyes, including a little under my bottom lashes, because I wanted quite a subtle effect. I'm definitely going to experiment with pink eyeshadow again, would you be brave enough?

Tah dah! Here is my full summer make-up look featuring The Body Shop; I'm also wearing some of my usual make-up favourites and MUA £1 Lipstick in Shade 14 'Bare'. What do you think? Are you enjoying my make-up posts?

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