Outfit Of The Day | Blue Gingham Dress

Dress- Primark | Jacket - Topshop | Shoes - ASOS

I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz........

OK, so this outfit is verging on Dorothy fancy dress, but frankly I don't care! I probably wouldn't pair the dress with red shoes and pigtails (unless I was actually doing Dorothy fancy dress), but styled like this I think I can just about get away with it. 

This is what I wore to a baby shower a few weeks ago - my boyfriend's sister is due any day now, how exciting! I think that it would also be perfect for a summer wedding or even for prom if you wanted something a little different, perhaps swapping the black biker for a white or pastel pink one, and wearing some cute heels. It has just the right amount of netted underskirt (unlike the other Primark gingham skirts I have which don't have an underskirt - see here and here), so it's great for a more formal event. Equally, though, I can see myself dressing it down this summer with a loose fitting crop t-shirt worn over the top. The best part is that this adorable gingham dress is from Primark, and like the dress in my last post is only £17! What do you think? Too 'we're not in Kansas any more'? 

I also think that my hair needs a special mention here - my usual feelings towards my hair are that I like the colour (thanks to my fantastic hairdresser), but other than that it's fairly uninspiring and I'm generally very indifferent to it. However, after using Sleep In Rollers I actually LOVE my hair for once! Definitely a great purchase, would anyone like to see a full review? 

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