Boho Printed Trousers - my top 10

You only need to spend a moment on Instagram or Lookbook to realise that super boho printed trousers are the flavour of the moment, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I love the fact that to my generation they scream Coachella, but my parents' generation would think I'd waltzed straight out of Woodstock. After seeing some amazig pairs whilst browsing the web and whilst out shopping, I've done a little bit of digging and have come up with my top 10 pairs...

Pair 1 | Pair 2 | Pair 3 | Pair 4 | Pair 5 | Pair 6 | Pair 7 | Pair 8 | (pairs 9 & 10 available in store only)

I have gone straight to the top for pair 1, which are from Novella Royale. They're very pricey, at around £90 per pair plus shipping and probably customs charges as they are based in the US, however if you are really really into fabulous boho bell bottoms they are just perfect! I love this red pair, but they have many others in amazing prints and the perfect figure hugging silhouette through the thighs then kick out at the knee. Dreamy!

Pair 2 is also from a US based online store, Pylo. I love the interesting print and its brown and turqouise hues, and better still this pair is only £18.86! Pylo stock loads of other amazing bell bottoms too.

Pair 3 is from Urban Outfitters, and is another of the pricier pairs of my top 10 at £80. The ditsy floral print is super cute, and because they're a dark navy and white I think they're more wearable than the bolder prints of the Novella Royale trousers.

The most expensive pair I chose is pair 4, by Free People. They're £128 but they are really stunning - a definite show stopper ideal for any festival or sunny day (or any day really). 

Pair 5 is from ASOS, and is a little more versatile than my other choices. Although they're a really bold print, I feel that they could just as easily be paired with a crisp white button-up as they could with a crochet vest. At £28, they're a bargain too!

Pairs 6, 7 and 8 are from Forever 21. I spotted them when I popped into the Trafford Centre store last week, and unfortunately didn't purchase, which I'm regretting somewhat now! My TC trip was solely to visit the Five Guys which opened recently, so I had other things (burgers and fries) on my mind. If I had to choose just one pair, I think I'd probably go for pair 6, the print reminds me of the friendship bracelets I used to make as a kid - love! All are very reasonably priced at £16-£20.

Finally, I went to Primark for pairs 9 & 10. When I popped in the other day I actually bought pair 10 (£12) after much deliberation, but I can certainly see myself going back for more. Like the ASOS pair, the zig-zag print of pair 10 makes them a little more versatile than some of the more tribal-style prints but they're still fab to wear with crochet and lace for a boho vibe. 

How do you feel about the re-emergence of this little trend? Will you be splashing out at Free People, or opting for a Primark print? I can't wait to show you pair 10 in an outfit post - stay tuned!

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