Best undereye concealer? Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer review.

Before (no face make-up) / After (Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer)

Happy Friday all! I was going to post this review next week, but I decided to do it earlier in case you want to run to your nearest Boots or Superdrug over the weekend to pick up this product! It is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, it costs £4.19 and it's undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) undereye concealers I've ever used. I have seen a few bloggers speak about it before, but when I posted on my Instagram many of you were keen for a review regardless, so here goes... 

Lasting Perfection is definitely a heavy coverage concealer. It's liquid rather than creamy like the Mac Studio Finish Concealer I coveted in my everyday make-up post, and it is easy to apply with the lip-gloss style applicator, then blend either with your fingers or a brush. A couple of people on Instagram expressed concerns that this concealer can look cakey - I think that the best way to avoid this is to apply it with a brush as it's easier to achieve even coverage. Start with a little bit of concealer and build on it, buffing it as you go! I personally use my fingers sometimes, but when I use a brush it is either the Real Techniques pointed foundation brush or Real Techniques setting brush.

It comes in four shades, and I use shade 1 'fair'. 'Fair' has a yellow undertone (which is better suited than pink for balancing out blue tones of dark circles), and isn't a perfect match for my skin tone by any means, however once blended with foundation it doesn't make a difference, and it's nice and bright.

I apply it in a triangle shape under my eye (see photo 2) as this covers dark circles and brightens my whole face more effectively than just dabbing it in a semicircle shape. In photo 3 below the concealer looks slightly odd because I am wearing it without any foundation, but when worn with full make-up it blends very well, and when set with powder lasts all day! Additionally, because it isn't creamy like Mac Studio Finish I find that mascara doesn't run into it throughout the day.  

After using Lasting Perfection on a spot a couple of days ago, I would say that I still prefer Mac Studio Finish for spots or other blemishes which change the texture of my skin, but I'm absolutely won over by Lasting Perfection for dark circles! I'm not sure how it would take to dry skin, but for £4.19 it can't hurt to find out! As it stands, I can't recommend this concealer enough!  

Let me know what you think of Lasting Perfection. Will you be purchasing it?

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