June Style Crushes

This post is inspired by the lovely Amy Valentine, who kindly included me in her April 'Fashion Favourites' post a couple of months ago. With the discussions about and feeling of community amongst bloggers recently, I thought it an appropriate time to share my love for some other bloggers with some outfits I have absolutely loved from the past month. I'm hoping to make this a regular feature; I know I take so much more inspiration from my fellow bloggers than I do from celebrities, editorials or any other source, so I hope these posts will inspire you too!

Megan - pagesbymegan

My first June Style Crush is Megan - everyone knows I love a trainer and dress combo so I am absolutely obsessed with this look. Megan was shortlisted with me in the Best Personal Style Blog category at the Company Awards this month, and so deservedly came away with a 'Highly Commended' award! 

Charissa - charissarae

Charissa and her recent post about how we all need to pull our fingers out and show some blogger love via more frequent blog comments is another inspiration behind this post, and her blog is a total inspiration in general! I had the pleasure of meeting Charissa for the first time this month; she's such a dedicated blogger, plus this outfit is spot on.

Bianca & Dani - kastorandpollux

The cutest blogging duo I ever did see - Canada based bloggers Bianca & Dani are behind the Kastor & Pollux brand as well as their great blog. They have coordinated outfits down to a tee! This image is from Dani's Instagram, @daniesque.

Yvet - yvetvdn

I've followed Yvet on Lookbook for ages; she is one of my favourite more minimalist style bloggers. I love how this all black outfit is so simple but also really interesting? I think the rolled bag ties it together so well.

Lindsey - ropesofholland

Showing some Manchester blogger love here for the gorgeous Lindsey from ropesofholland. I'm obsessed with these trousers, sadly they didn't have my size when I popped into my H&M, but they look so great with the leather that Lindsey has paired them with.

Lo - theriverwolf

One of the reasons behind my current obsession with boho California girl cool is Lo from theriverwolf and her Instagram (@theriverwolf_) - I'm desperate for her trouser collection!

Lucy - lulutrixabelle

How excited are you that Lucy is blogging again? This girl can pull off the kind of print and colour clashes that I wouldn't even dream of - I love her take on the Motel sunflower print.

Carrie - wishwishwish

Finally, another blogger I met for the first time during my most recent London trip is Carrie. I have the biggest crush on her Instagram (a weird thing to say, but take a look at @wishwishwish and you'll see what I mean!) but she has the most amazing style too. Who knew flared jeans could look so sophisticated?


I hope you enjoyed this post and have found some new blogging or outfit inspo, do let me know if you'd like to see more!

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