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Face B4 - Anti-bacterial Face Wash and Anti-bacterial Serum*

Welcome to my first skincare post! Now I'm not massive on skincare, you won't catch me spending £40 on a cleanser any time soon, but I do cleanse, tone and moisturise (or something to that effect) twice daily, almost without fail. Essentially, whilst I don't pay lots of attention to my skincare products, they're very important and so I like products which are a good balance of quality and effectiveness, and value for money. The selling point of FaceB4 is the anti-bacterial properties, and the wash and serum together are currently on sale for £17.49 when bought together, so everything looked promising! Plus, the range is marketed at a unisex audience, which is always refreshing. 

The FaceB4 Anti-bacterial Face Wash is a foaming cleanser and toner combined, and isn't really anything to write home about in and of itself. It leaves my skin feeling quite nice and is just as good as other foaming cleansers I've used, but it isn't a stand out product. The Anti-bacterial Serum, however, feels incredible. It's quite creamy in texture, but isn't too heavy duty and sinks into your skin within a few minutes, making it fine for both morning and evening application. So, face wash - ok, serum - really good; I'm not sure whether or not the effectiveness of the serum would be reduced if used with a different cleanser, but as a duo I'm really loving them as far as actual application and immediate effects go.

What is most important, clearly, is how the products affect your skin clarity and quality. I don't have particularly problematic skin, so I don't have any dramatic before and after photos, however I did start using FaceB4 mid small break-out a few weeks ago and it seemed to clear that up and generally calm my skin down quickly. I have been really happy using it since then too! Although I wasn't blown away by the immediate effects of the face wash, that is the product which claims to fight the spot causing bacteria, and so if I was to repurchase, I would repurchase the products as a duo rather than just picking up the serum. I also particularly like that the duo replaces my entire old routine - the wash cleanses and tones, and the serum moisturises. In summary, whilst I hasten to state the obvious that skincare is very variable depending on your skin type, I would really recommend trying out FaceB4 if you're looking to change up your skincare, or generally calm down slightly stressed skin!

Let me know if you've tried out FaceB4, what do you think?

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