July Style Crushes

It's August (yikes!), which means it's time for my July Style Crushes post. If you saw my June Style Crushes post, I promised to keep this up as a monthly feature to show some blogger love, and I have not forgotten! Without further ado, here are some bloggers and outfits I have loved this month:

Arabella - arabellagolby

I struggled to choose which of Arabella's outfits to include in my Style Crushes post this month because THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD, but it had to be this one. The skirt is to die for and is just so Arabella, I think I need to borrow her whole wardrobe for my trip to Paris this month.

Kayla - kaylahadlington

Kayla aka queen of quirky vintage cool is another blogger whose outfits I have been obsessed with this month, I particularly loved this. Such beautiful photos, too!

Rosie - rosie-glow

Beautiful Rosie of rosie-glow has been showing off some amazing swimwear in poolside posts this month, I love love love this colourful bikini with a more boho sheer top and Birkenstock-esque sandals.

Charlotte - thingsidothinkandbuy

Pastel queen strikes again - Charlotte's gorgeous outfit photos have me super envious of her beautiful Isle of Wight home and also of her ridiculous wardrobe. Mega babe!

Tilly - tillyjayne

Tilly is one of my more recent follows. I found her Instagram first, then fell in love with her style! I love this girly-but-still-edgy look, it's definitely something I would wear but it looks so much better with Tilly's amazing hair.

Sara - waiste

Sara is the ultimate boho goddess. I particularly loved this Missguided outfit because it demonstrates that you can still achieve this style in pieces from the high street and online, without having to be a car boot sale regular and charity shop expert (although a quick scroll through Sara's blog shows that that definitely helps!)

Eleanore - contagiousblog

Last but not least, the newest blog on my list is contagiousblog. This one is especially exciting as it has numerous contributors, so has lots of really varied content. The highlight for me so far has been El's stunning outfit posts, I can't get enough and I'm so pleased that she has started blogging!


Hope you enjoyed this month's Style Crushes and are feeling suitably inspired. Do let me know if you've done a similar post, I'd love to check them out! 

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