Outfit Of The Day | Polka Dot Shirt

Shirt - American Apparel* | Cardigan - American Apparel* | Jeans - Vintage | Shoes - Dr Martens via Motel*

A very blustery outfit of the day! I can only apologise for all the hair touching in these photos, it was very windy. I got this adorable polka dot shirt (yes, more polka dots) in a package from American Apparel a couple of weeks ago - I don't own that many printed tops (relatively speaking, if you don't count horizontal stripes) so I'm happy to have this in my wardrobe! I really like the vintage vibe, so I styled it here with vintage 'mom' jeans and very new looking Dr Martens shoes. I have had them for months but only plucked up the courage to break them in a few weeks ago - contrary to what I had been told, I didn't find them too painful at all, socks and preventative plasters worked a treat. My dark wine coloured lipstick is Topshop Beguiled. 

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