My 21st Birthday in Instagrams

Last Friday, the 19th, was my 21st birthday! Whilst I love blogging, I decided to forgo the pressure of trying to take beautiful pictures of everything I did and instead give you a little snapshot into my birthday weekend via Instagram. If you don't follow me already, you can do so @hannahlouisef.

I began my birthday itself with an early start, wearing my super comfy South Beach loungewear - check out the Alice pants in photo 1! I then headed to Chester Zoo (how grown up, right?) with my boyfriend Paolo. I hadn't visited in years despite it being a childhood favourite and I had so much fun, especially seeing the cutest red pandas. 

In photo 6 you can see the best birthday card I received, very thoughtfully made by my brother. Yes, that is a picture of me! Photo 7 features my big birthday present, a brand new MacBook Pro, which I actually got a couple of weeks before my birthday so that I could get used to it in time for going back to university. I am so grateful to my parents for the money they put towards it, and I'm loving using it. 

On Saturday, the day after my birthday, I went out with my friends. We first went for food, and I wore the very Spice Girl esque combo of a silver glittery cropped roll neck and that Topshop leopard print skirt for dinner at Jamie's Italian (my first visit there - nice, but disappointingly small portion sizes!) and a few bars afterwards. My friend Hannah made these amazing cupcakes with my face printed on them...

Finally, on Sunday, I went home to see my family. Luckily my 'home home' isn't too far from where I now live in Manchester, so it's easy to pop back for a day. In photo 11 you can see a birthday present from Paolo, the sweetest personalised ring from Bloody Mary Metal. I arrived home to these incredible cupcakes (photo 12) from local Finch Bakery (which you can order in Manchester too!), and wore a powder blue Missguided suit (shop the blazer here and shorts here) with a striped jumper. Photo 14 is what I had for dinner at the Freemasons, a local posh pub - my birthday is the one day I feel like I'm allowed to order the fillet steak! Now, MY CAKE. Another Finch Bakery creation, there is still so much left in my kitchen. It featured iced pugs and a sort of caricature of myself made entirely from icing, honestly the best thing I have ever seen. Photo 16 rounds up my birthday - these yummy chocolates were a gift from my university friends.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a fun birthday, and I hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal and wordy post! Let me know if you'd like to see more like it.

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