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Street style is one of the best things about fashion week, because everyone can access it. That's not to say that I disagree with the exclusivity of fashion shows, but I think that accessibility is one of the reasons street style is so popular at fashion week. That coupled with the fact that anyone and everyone, from celebs and super bloggers to students or tourists without any show or event tickets, can be a photo opportunity. 

I wish I had spent more time photographing street style. I still feel awkward asking people if I can take their photo, so other than the photos of my friends (of which there are many, because they looked so good!) many of the shots I took were more candid, or were taken when the fashionista in question had attracted a crowd of photographers. This means that some of them turned out really well, and some didn't quite show off the outfit as well as I would like. It also makes me think about permission to publish photos - I had my photo taken countless times over fashion week, and not always with my permission. It seems to be very much the done thing, so I am including the candid photos in this post despite the fact that it makes me feel a bit awkward! I have also included a photo of Eddie Murphy the 9 week old French Bulldog because he absolutely melted my heart and made my day, nay my whole week. I even let him slobber all over my suede boots, oops! 

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