October Style Crushes

So right now I'm in FLORIDA! Hooray! I'm here for Fest (yes, the fest is called Fest, how unhelpful) and of course Disneyland, but I have scheduled a few posts to keep you occupied. To see what I'm getting up to in the US, follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter. First things first, as it's now November I couldn't not do a Style Crushes post. This month has been particularly excellent, and once again I've struggled to narrow it down, but here is a small fraction of my favourite blogger looks from the past 31 days. If you've missed my other Style Crushes posts, you can check them out here

Amy - twoshoesonepair
Naomi - twoshoesonepair

I think it can be quite difficult to get a jointly run blog right, but these girls absolutely nail it. I particularly loved the posts from this month where they each did a tonal look for Autumn/Winter, both styled impeccably in their individual tastes but still looking amazing together.  

Georgia - georgialuisameramo

Frankly I'd just like to feature Georgia's incredible hair in my 'Style Crushes' post, but this outfit is pretty great too. Like Amy & Naomi's looks above, I'm enjoying the tonality of the navy with the navy check, brought together with a black leather jacket and accessories. 

Millie - itsaldnthing

I love a good pinstripe, and what better way to wear the print than in the form of a very striking monochrome suit? Millie has got masculine-but-still-feminine just right with the combination of the strong tailored silhouette with the high waist fit of the trousers, pretty strappy sandals, and her long flowing hair.

Leanne - thunderandthreads

This has to be one of my favourite ever outfits of Leanne's! I've been trying to think of adjectives for it, but I think it suffices to say that it's just really cool. I love the sophisticated trench and knee high boots with the cute collared shirt under a jumper combo, and the more funs silver tote to finish it off. 

Charlotte - thegoodowl

A new blog I have been enjoying this month is thegoodowl, written by the lovely Charlotte. I particularly like how she styled up this patent mock-croc skirt in 5 different ways, here are two of them!

Luanna - Le-Happy

I've been doing these 'Style Crushes' posts for 4 months now, and I almost can't believe Lua hasn't featured yet. I've followed Lua since I very first signed up to lookbook.nu about 5 years ago and she has gone from strength to strength, recently hitting 1 million followers on Instagram! My favourite thing about Lua is that her style has been consistent since then, but still looks fantastic all the time. I like this particular outfit because of the relaxed vintage vibe, and that incredible hat. 

Megan - pagesbymegan

Another familiar face to finish off this month's style crushes, the lovely Megan. We have a shared love of a black and navy colour combo, and she has absolutely nailed it with this look. I love all the leather, and this beautiful deep v-neck navy top paired with a choker. 

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