The Takeaway Twosie - a cosy night in

takeaway twosie
takeaway twosie

You know when you're hanging out with your friends, eating some pizza, and you just don't quite feel close enough to each other? You're both wearing a onesie, but you're still feeling kinda lonely? JUST EAT has come up with the perfect solution - the Takeaway Twosie! JUST EAT surveyed over 2000 people and found that more and more couples (romantic or platonic) are choosing a night in over a night out, although I think I already knew that. I am honestly laughing writing this as I remember the shenanigans and hilarity it caused last night - my friends Toni (my twosie partner), Lowri and I ordered our pizza (from Italian Express in Manchester, a slightly less groggy alternative to Dominos or Papa Johns, if you're interested) and zipped ourselves in.
"Each couple gets an arm, a leg, and a shared third leg – meaning they can easily tuck into each other’s takeaway. The twosie also includes loads of handy pockets – stashing food, cutlery and dips."
Yes, really. The one arm each situation did prove a little tricky, but the hilarity of it all more than made up for that. Plus, it was very warm and therefore ideal for your cold student house (or grown up flat that you don't really want to pay to heat, for that matter).

What better way to spend your Friday or Saturday night, right?! 

*this post is in collaboration with JUST EAT*

takeaway twosie

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