2015: Blogging Resolutions

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Ok, one last 'resolutions' post then we can all get on with our lives for another 12 months. As we enter the second full week of 2015, 2014 seems practically prehistoric and I'm keen to collect my plans, ideas and motivations for hannahlouisef in one place.

  1. Take better photosI'm really, really keen to improve my photography this year. Because my content is predominantly my own outfit photos, I don't get to take them and so I just don't get much practice behind the camera as I would like. I bought myself a Canon 700D a few months ago and am definitely getting to grips with it now, but I'm nowhere near confident as I want to be and need a lot of time to play around before I feel even a little satisfied with photos I take. Once I start feeling happier with my own photos, I think I'll feel happier creating more varied content, which is another goal for 2015! 
  2. Document more of my life
    I think this one goes hand in hand with wanting to take better photographs, and is particularly applicable to travel. Despite travelling quite a lot in 2014, I blogged none of it aside from taking advantage of some different locations to shoot outfits in. I think it's important to take some time off from blogging every now and again and I don't want to feel pressure to create and record at all times (especially when on holiday), but in hindsight it would have been nice to write a little more about my trips, and I find it much easier to do this when I can illustrate with lovely photographs. If you read my other life resolutions post, you'll know that I intend to travel more in 2015 - I hope that I can talk about and document this on my blog in the coming 12 months.
    I also want to talk more about music, as I discussed here, as it really is quite a defining part of my character and is what I spend much of my free time preoccupied with, but I just don't think this comes across in any way except for the odd Instagram post from a show. I don't think my blog is the right place for music journalist style album or live reviews and there are already a plethora of great music magazines and blogs, but I'm busy brainstorming ways to incorporate my own musical preferences into my fashion and lifestyle posts - if you have any ideas, please do let me know in a comment!
  3. YouTube?
    This is the most unambiguous of my 2015 blogging goals, in that I will either succeed or fail definitively. If I am going to actually make videos, it's going to be now or never. I'm still extremely dubious and nervous about this, and have been putting it off throughout 2014 because even the thought of myself on camera makes me cringe. However, as I get more into YouTube as a viewer, I'm feeling more inspired by some of my favourite bloggers who started YouTube in the past year (like Olivia, Amy, and Arabella), and I really want to be able to create videos that I'm not painfully embarrassed by. Watch this space, and please send your words of encouragement (and any specific video requests) if you would actually like to see me on YouTube.

I don't want to set numerical goals based on stats, I just want to become a better creator; vary my content whilst refining my skills, and try to encapsulate and represent myself in a more well-rounded manner. Do you share any of these blogging resolutions? Have a wonderful year everyone!

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