December Style Crushes

I cannot believe it - it's 2015! Happy new year everybody! Now I thought about doing a round up of my favourite bloggers from the entire year, but that is such a monumentally huge task and there are so many great December outfits I want to appreciate that I decided against it, and I don't really like the idea of a 'top 10' either due to the limited nature of such a list. What I'm trying to say, is that I'm just carrying on my 'style crushes' post as normal, regardless of the fact that another year has just ticked over. If you'd like to see some of my style crushes from throughout 2014, you can do so here. Perhaps I'll pen a deeper, more reflective new year post as and when I feel more emotionally capable of gathering my thoughts and translating them into some mildly interesting writing, but for now just I'll leave you with all these beautiful people. Happy 2015! 


Caroline - burkatron

I saved this post immediately on seeing it right at the beginning of December - I looove this pretty Free People dress so much, and how Caroline paired it with boots and black accessories. 

Lucy, Tiger, Cheyenne, Helena, Heidi - confetticrowd

One of the most exciting blogs that has popped up this year is definitely Confetti Crowd, a collaborative effort from some of my favourite bloggers and general sassy ladies. I can't wait to see more of these awesome group shots, doesn't it make you want to be a member of a (preferably this) girl gang?!

Lizzie - shotfromthestreet

Lizzie is a style crush again this month, because she's had a consistent stream of so many great outfits and amazing photos! I could hardly choose a favourite, but I went for this super simple and chic outfit because I love the layering, the coat, and of course the crazy Saint Laurent boots. 

Natasha - bisousnatasha

Let's be honest, this girl could wear anything and look incredible, but the fact that she has such a great style (and blog) just make her even better! I love the combination of this ultra sexy velvet slip dress with big black boots.

Kayla - kaylahadlington

How freaking cute is this outfit?! You can't go wrong with a jumper and little skirt combo in my opinion, and Kayla has made it very her by adding massively statement-making white thigh high boots and a sweet checked scarf.

Erika - erikabowes

Last but not least - I recently came across Erika via her excellent Instagram and just had to include one of her effortlessly cool outfits here, and she's really making me want to cut my hair off!


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