January Style Crushes

January has been a slow month of blogging for me in terms of both writing and reading, by virtue of an extremely draining exam period at university, but curating some of fave bloggers' work from the past 31 days has really helped me to feel inspired again. Thanks ladies! As always, take a look at previous months' 'style crushes' here.

Camilla - intothefoldfashion

My first 'style crush' of 2015 is the ever adorable Camilla, who I first found through her great Instagram. I love the layering of the oversized sleeves on the jumper underneath a 3/4 sleeve cocoon coat here, and how good are these photos?

Pandora - pandorasykes

Pandora's blog is a recent discovery thanks to a post on pagesbymegan, but has fast become of one my favourites. I know this is a 'style crushes' post (and Pandora's styling of vintage, high street and high end is absolutely spot on), but my biggest crush is on her writing - eloquent and super witty. I love looking at nice photos, but it's so refreshing to get something more than that from a blog every now and again. I will keep returning to Pandora's blog for the same reasons I love to read Man Repellar, and perhaps it will help inspire me to write more social commentary pieces of my own.

Luanna - le-happy

I'll never get tired of beautiful Luanna, especially when she's wearing one of my favourite easy fashion combinations (namely a sweet little dress and leather biker jacket) with sheer tights and classic DMs.

Lindsey - ropesofholland

Last but not least, super babe Lindsey is back in my style crushes. I really enjoy the balance of smart/casual in this outfit, plus I own this skirt and have only worn it once so far and so this is ideal inspiration!

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