My Hair-story and an Exciting Announcement

Yikes!!! I have certainly had a good laugh sorting through all these old photos, but I think I have successfully curated a selection which accurately depicts my varying hair colours over the past six or seven years...

My natural hair colour is a mousey brown shade (as in the hilarious first photo here featuring a strong turquoise eyeshadow and colourful jewellery), which I first dyed red aged 14 or 15. Following that I dyed my hair dark and for a couple of years it was various shades of dark brown and black, and various lengths helped out by some (sometimes questionable) extensions. 
Perhaps the most drastic thing I've ever done to my hair was the dip dye - in hindsight not the best idea, I forwent the more gradual blended look and in the process absolutely killed the ends of my hair. It was sort of cool at the time, though... Then came the dark dark red: perhaps my least favourite looking back, although I still don't hate it. Since then, I have gradually gone lighter and more coppery and have been working 'oh no way I thought ginger was your natural colour' for the past year or so! 

Now the purpose of all this, aside from providing a few laughs, is to announce with great excitement that I have teamed up with Schwarzkopf LIVE Color for their 2015 Lookbook! LIVE and I have worked together on a new look for my hair, and I’ll be working on a series of posts and videos over the coming weeks and months so do keep your eye out to see how it all goes. To see more check out!

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