Rodial Stemcell Super-food range - review

I'm normally quite wary of products with buzzwords like 'superfood' in their names (I just think it's a little unnecessary somehow?), however I have been a fan of Rodial skincare since first trying their Glamoxy Snake Mask and 'Dragon's Blood' eye masks some months ago, and so I had fairly high hopes for this selection of products from their 'Stemcell super-food' range. I tried out and reviewed the cream cleanser, facial oil and lip balm below:

Rodial Stemcell super-food cleanser*

I love using cream cleansers. I have used this product layered on thickly to remove makeup and as a sort of face mask, and also in small amounts on a more everyday basis. It contains rose hip seed oil, coconut oil, rose wax and cocoa butter which I can definitely feel softening my skin, although it does feel quite fragranced and so I would be wary if you have very sensitive skin. £32 seems a lot for a cleanser if you don't buy high end skincare, however 200ml of product is a lot and will last; a great product if you like cream cleansers or are looking to try one, and don't have overly sensitive skin!

Rodial Stemcell super-food facial oil*

At £60 this is the most expensive product in the range (although again 30ml is quite a lot of product as you only need 2 or 3 drops per application), and it is actually the product I have used the least out of the three I have tried. I think this is because I haven't used an oil in my daily routine before and so I often simply forget about it, however it has been really great whenever I've noticed my skin feeling a little dry or dull (which thanks to the cold weather and exam stress has been a lot in the past couple of weeks). It is full of various vitamins and other ingredients which I don't need to go into detail about as I imagine they mean as little to most reading this as they do to me, and undoubtedly is not a bad product, but if you're experimenting with facial oils for the first time (like me) I probably wouldn't shell out £60 on this. Rodial do offer a discovery set (including the oil and others) for £30, which is the more economical and sensible option. 

Rodial Stemcell Glam Balm Lip*

If I had to choose a favourite of the three products I have tried, it would probably the the glam balm (although the cleanser is a close second!) I don't suffer with extremely dry lips, however I'd still say that this is probably the best lip balm I've used. I find it particularly good to apply when I get home after wearing a matte lip all day, as that can be quite drying. It also has a slight rosy tint, so looks nice too. 


Overall I'm impressed with the Stemcell superfood range, and am keen to try the other products (in particular the multi-use Glam Balm, as I'm always interested in minimising my skincare routine to as few products as possible). If you like the sound of any of the above, I would definitely consider the discovery set which is a very reasonable £30 and contains minis of all three products I reviewed, as well as the Glam Balm Multi. 

If you've tried any of these products please let me know what you think! I'd also like to say a huge thank you for helping me reach 3000 followers on Bloglovin this week!

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