Most Profound Pop Lyrics Ever

Who needs philosophers, poets, other literary greats, when you can take much catchier life advice from your favourite pop songs? I’ve taken the time to curate 5 of the most relatable, motivational, and amusing pop lyrics from recent decades for your viewing pleasure, along with some great photos of the ladies responsible for them and some items from H&M’s latest Divided collection that I think they’d love. 

but a scrub is checkin' me 
but his game is kinda weak 
and I know that he cannot approach me 
'cause I'm lookin' like class 
and he's lookin' like trash 
can't get with a dead-beat ass 
TLC – No Scrubs 

This was the first song that came to mind when brainstorming this post. 1) it is hilarious 2) the message is absolutely on point 3) it is an excellent song 4) it includes the phrase ‘his game is kinda weak’. It’s all about being confident in yourself and knowing your worth, and how boys are annoying, and I love it! 

Stretch dungarees – H&M Divided, £24.99 
Ripped jeans – H&M Divided, £19.99

Patterned leggings – H&M Divided, £7.99

you think we're just pretty things 
you couldn't be more wrong… 
representing all the women, salute, salute 
ladies, the time has come, the war has begun
let us stand together
Little Mix – Salute 

Little Mix might not be the girl band that first springs to mind when you think of feminism in music, but Salute is purely and simply a girl power anthem. The best part is that it appeals to Little Mix’s predominantly very young fan base and I think that is so exciting, power to Little Mix!! 

lemme make this clear 
I’m not difficult, 
I’m just ‘bout my business 
Nicki Minaj – All Things Go 

Not strictly speaking pop music, I suppose, but this (as well as many more of Nicki’s lyrics) conveys the very important message that just because a woman is business-smart does not mean that she is difficult, bossy, overbearing, or in any way unfeminine. IMPORTANT! 

Checked shirt – H&M Divided, £12.99

pretty hurts 
we shine the light on whatever’s worst
perfection is a disease of a nation 
Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts 

I couldn’t exclude Queen Bey from a post about pop songs. This is a slightly more serious one, starkly accurate and particularly important in an industry obsessed by image, which we are all guilty of being consumed by at times. 

Heart print blouse – H&M Divided, £12.99 

oh my god look at that face
you look like my next mistake
Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Frankly I could have based this whole post around Tay Swift lyrics – relatable, motivational, emotional, she has the whole lot. I chose this one because 1) it is funny 2) it is astoundingly accurate and 3) I really enjoy the tongue-in-cheek self awareness of it. 


Quite clearly there are many more pop lyrics that would deservedly fit into this post, but I don’t want to keep you all day. Let me know which are your favourites, and if there are any particularly profound pop lyrics you think I have criminally overlooked then I want to know about them! 

Words by Hannah Farrington 
Photos via, Pop Dust, Google images, H&M 

*this post is in collaboration with H&M*

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