Eudon Choi - London Fashion Week AW15

My first show of London Fashion Week - Eudon Choi AW15...

The first show I attended at this season's London Fashion Week was Eudon Choi. For a lowly blogger like myself, being able to witness a fashion show (one from a designer which you would normally stream live from your sofa, or watch some time after the event) unfold in the flesh is quite the thrill, one I can only liken to the experience of seeing a band play live after enjoying them on record. I also managed to get a couple of rather nice (if I do say so myself) photos, but I have supplemented this post with others towards the bottom as I didn't manage to snap some of my favourite looks - shooting runway is so damn hard. 

The collection was varied, ranging from very wearable (read: get them off the models and into my wardrobe right this second) everyday pieces to more over the top evening looks in heavy, luxe fabrics. Admittedly links between the evening wear and everyday wear are minimal and I think they could be from completely different collections, but nevertheless both seem very 'him'. Inspiration from the Japanese architectural movement Metabolism and traditionally more western counterpart Brutalism (which I too have recently been looking into, so was delighted to see it translate into garments and indeed the set on the catwalk) shone through in experiments with proportion in structural dresses, use of concrete grey, and geometric elements within the outerwear - I particularly liked the consistent use of large circles in contrasting colours or fabrics. There were also notable nods to the continually on-trend 70s in the form of oversized fringed shawls and (my particular favourite looks) shearling lined jackets and flares. 

What's your favourite part of this collection? And how do my photos hold up? Check out what I wore to this show here.

*all photos above by Hannah Farrington*
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