Valentines Day: Treat Yo Self

Some gift ideas for that special someone (you)

Break My Heart notepad - Ohh Deer*
Orly nail varnishes
Gemma Correll 'Complimentary Colours' mug - Ohh Deer*
Omorovicza deep cleansing mask*
Scarlet set - Fleur of England*
Vanilla candle - Flamingo Gifts*
Carmex lip products*
3 mini cacti - IKEA

I am really, really apathetic about Valentine's Day. I think love and romance, generally speaking, are incredible and should absolutely be celebrated at every possible opportunity. However, my problem with Valentine's Day is that it can feel very forced and, of course, completely commercialised. There's also the problem that it can inevitably make some single people feel a bit rubbish, and so with that in mind I have put together a small selection of gifts to TREAT YO SELF to this Valentine's Day. Of course they'd also make perfect presents for or from a loved one, but why the heck can't you buy yourself a little V Day treat?

My favourite has to be the centrepiece of this selection - this incredible set by Fleur Of England. It is quite pricey so is best reserved for those really in need of a special treat, but if you're in a position to be spending that much on underwear then it is stunning and absolutely worth it. I can't stress my love for this brand enough! The other things I selected can be found at the links above, and are mostly more affordable smaller gifts - I love the idea of mini cacti as an alternative to a bouquet of flowers, too!

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Check out a few more Valentines gift ideas below (don't forget to turn off AdBlock!):

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