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Living in Manchester, it isn't all that often that I get to spend time with my blogger friends from all over the UK (and beyond), so this London Fashion Week some of my favourite rainbow-haired gals and I capitalised on the rare opportunity of being in close proximity to one another and shot some photos together with Oscar May.

As you may have seen if you follow any of us on Instagram, we worked together with BooHoo (who kindly put us up in a hotel together - more on that sleepover to follow...) and took over their Instagram for the day, whilst wearing predominantly BooHoo clothes. You can get the full details on my outfit in this post, and check out the other girls' blogs (linked further down in this post) for info on theirs.

We had such a great time together; the combination of our coloured hair attracted a lot of attention at SH (a little embarrassing actually, I didn't quite know what to do with myself) and frankly I felt like being a red-head was a bit of a cop-out next to the pinks, purples, blues and greens. On a related note, we're currently recruiting the role of yellow-haired friend...

I'm completely obsessed with the resulting photos, my particular favourites being the girl-band-esque shots against the grey shutters and those of us walking into Somerset House in formation. We chose not to coordinate our outfits (or rather we weren't organised enough to coordinate our outfits), but I think this worked out well in the end as our styles are just about similar enough to provide some cohesion. 

What do you think of our little project? If you're not already familiar, be sure to check out

Zoe London
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and of course the talented

Oscar May!

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