My Red Hair Tutorial

Here's the video you've all been waiting for! I, for one, have been nervously anticipating its release ever since filming earlier this year. As you'll know if you've followed me for more than a few weeks, I've recently changed my hair colour from a coppery ginger to a much more vibrant red, in a very cool project I undertook with Schwarzkopf LIVE. I really fancied a change and whilst I'm still (just about) a student, this is the perfect time to go a little bolder and brighter, so I opted for LIVE Real Red.

This shade is great if you’ve got blonde, copper or light brown hair and are looking for something a little more standout. Although it's a very bright colour, I’ve found the up-keep really easy. The refresh method I've shown with LIVE in the video above has made it super straightforward to give my colour a little boost, as and when I fancy it. As the Ultra Brights are semi-permanent, it’s a minimum damage way to keep your colour topped up between permanent colouring.

Watch the video for my how-to, which I hope manages to portray how easy it actually is to dye at home, and check out the rest of the LIVE Lookbook right here. What do you think of my new hair colour? Have you got a new look you’re thinking of trying?

*this post is in collaboration with Schwarzkopf LIVE *

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