Topshop Festival Style Challenge (£200 Topshop Giveaway!)

'You what? White denim at a festival?'

Denim jacket - Topshop*
Denim shorts - Topshop*
Top - Topshop* (similar/similar)
Socks - Topshop*
Trainers - Converse x Comme Des Garçons
Bag - Paul's Boutique*
Sunglasses - Topshop*
Photos by Toni Power

Ok so maybe I'm not suggesting that you pack your new white denim if you're embarking on a weekend of camping at Leeds Fest. You would look impeccably cool for the first half hour or so, but falling in mud or someone throwing a beer (or worse) on you is a matter of when not if, and so practically speaking it might not be the best choice. With this look I actually had in mind any sort of marginally more civilised festival environment; whether that's hospitality at Glastonbury or an inner city fest where you can return to the safety of your own bed (and washing machine) or a hotel room in the evening. To be quite honest, you don't even need to wear this 70s-but-not-too-70s, boyish-but-still-cute outfit to a festival at all. I plan on wearing it as frequently as possible!

I talked a lot about white (and off-white) denim in a recent post (which features a whole wish list of all sorts of other white denim pieces, if you fancy a peek), but here's how I style it. I opted for this super cool half-sleeve striped top, which conveniently matches my hair as well as this great new Paul's Boutique bag and the sweet lil red socks which you might just notice poking out of the top of my shoes. Now, what you're (probably) all here for, the Topshop giveaway. Keep reading below!

To enter, simply fill out the form below. Don't forget that you *must* take a look at Topshop's festival clothing and comment this post with your favourite piece and contact email address. Good luck :)

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*unfortunately this giveaway is open to UK readers only*

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