Lace Up Dress

Dress - Sheinside*
Shoes - Topshop
Belt - ASOS

Photos by Toni Power

Here's an outfit I wore for 2 nights out within a week of each other (oops). They were with entirely different groups of people, and I didn't post my outfit on Instagram on the first night, so I think I got away with it.... This lace front dress from Sheinside is such an easy one to throw on - I particularly like the slightly flared sleeves and of course the criss-cross lace up detail on the front. And it's £11!!
These Topshop sandals are my new best pals - I've recently developed a real aversion to wearing actual heels (so much pain, so little gain) and so I've swapped between these and a heeled boot for any occasion where I need to be a bit dressed up. They're super comfortable and (imo) look cute with or without socks. Topshop have a great range of low/mid heels, if you're as lazy as me about nights out.

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