Easy Peasy Halloween-y

halloween accessories
Black Halloween Spider Web Crown - £10

easy halloween costume ideas

Halloween is fab, dressing up and going out is fab, trying to find a costume at the last minute is not. I'm not a person who likes to plan a night out very far in advance, but not making Halloween plans until the few days before means that finding a outfit can be a real life nightmare. Not only that, but there's really nothing wrong with a more low-key costume. 

I've put together a selection of dresses, playsuits and accessories that I think would make for fab Halloween outfits accessorised with something as simple and easy as cat ears or some zombie or vampire-esque makeup, and could even be worn again! And please don't forget to avoid insensitive or offensive costumes (no 'mental patients' or 'red indians', for example), and cultural appropriation this Halloween :)


 Beaded Skeleton Mesh Bodysuit - £25

Velvet Wrap Jumpsuit - £28

Longsleeve Glitter Lurex Dress - £25

Mesh Skeleton Bodycon Dress - £22

Forest Green Velvet Dress - (on sale!) £15

Witches Hat Hair Clip - £6

Purple Velvet Bodycon Dress - £25

Black Velvet Bodycon Dress - £25

Burgundy Flared Sleeve Swing Dress - £30

Black Floral Lace Maxi Dress - £45

Star Print Flared Sleeve Playsuit - £30

Cat Mask - £8

Spider Web Charm Choker Necklace - £6

Skeleton Hands Bodycon Dress - £20

Cape Sleeve Playsuit - £28

Plum Velvet Dress - (on sale!) £15