I've Started my Own Boutique!

nintendo 3ds style boutique fashion game review
Nintendo 3DS with New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward*

Sort of... I haven't been much of a 'gamer' since my early teens, choosing phone games over consoles (yes I was climbing levels on Candy Crush for considerably longer than anyone else except my mum, yes I was obviously really dedicated to the Kim Kardashian game). I am exactly the sort of person who gets extremely into whatever game they are playing (you should've seen my Farmville), and since getting my hands on a Nintendo 3DS, my first console in forever, I fear I'm heading down that road once again. Nintendo is a brand everyone of my generation grew up with; from blowing the dust out of the very first Game Boy to play Pok√©mon, to accidentally smacking my dad in the face while playing 'tennis' on the Wii Fit. I never got a DS, or 3DS, when they came out (my last handheld Nintendo was a Game Boy Advance), so I was super excited to get started. 

The specific game I've been testing out is the newly launched New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward. The premise is simple: you can play your way through the game in your choice of fashion career - boutique owner, hair stylist, make-up artist, designer or model. Find out more on the game's website here!

I was intrigued by this game because it simulates, in a way, the business I am very much involved in. Although I'm not running my own boutique irl, the decisions I have to take in the game are as business-minded as any of the ones I make on a day to day basis. Creatively speaking, you can dress your avatar in outfits from a good range of ~styles~ (including 'gothic', so what more could I want). Doesn't my character actually look exactly like me? 

nintendo 3ds style boutique fashion game review

In these respects I think New Style Boutique is exciting and ideal for anyone with an interest in fashion both as a creative outlet and as a business. For me personally it will make the ideal Christmas (or other holiday) gift for a teenage family member who is into fashion, but would totally suit anyone who likes to invest themselves in lifestyle simulation type games (me). 

You can check out the game on Facebook here, or get more info and demo the game on Nintendo's site.

*this post is in collaboration with Nintendo*