A Post About Self-Appreciation

We are about to enter a new year and so, inevitably, the internet is awash with new year’s resolutions, goals for the year ahead, and posts about change. Whilst I think that self-improvement and ambitiousness should be be encouraged and celebrated, I think that it is equally important to remember how amazing we already are.

In spite of the perceived narcissism that inherently comes with running a blog based almost entirely around photographs of myself (although that isn’t to say that narcissism is always a negative quality), I find bigging myself up to be one of the most difficult things to do. When meeting someone new and talking careers, I find myself instinctively downplaying my blog; ‘yeah it’s just pictures of myself wearing clothes really, haha’.

But, 2015 has been a massive year for me. I went through the break-up of a four and a half year relationship, I graduated, I went from the relative financial stability of being a student to being entirely self-employed, I moved from a familiar city close to home to a completely unfamiliar city 200 miles away, my grandfather passed away 3 weeks after I did this, and although I don’t speak very openly about my personal feelings and ‘how I am doing’, I have been having a very tough time as of late. With all that in mind, I wanted to end the year with a list of my personal achievements; something that I can look at and be proud of myself for, in spite of how overwhelming this year has been:

Of course having a great life or remarkable set of achievements does not equal happiness, but compiling this (albeit quite short) list of things I have done this year in lieu of a list of things I want to change was, I think, a great self-care move. I have reread it a number of times before hitting ‘publish’ and have found it very cathartic, and will no doubt continue to do so well into 2016. So, by all means continue to be ambitious and use the New Year as a kick-start into doing things that you want to do, but don’t disregard the importance of a little bit of self-appreciation too <3